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Skate Night (evening mixes)

These are the original long versions for the Skate Night project. This is the album designed specifically with roller skating in mind. After I created it, I edited all of the tracks for Skate Night - the commercial version (this is the evening mixes).

Genre: Electronic Dance

Download No charge - Promise to make someone smile today



Pure Universal Energy

An electronic journey into the source of the universe... Love. Contains the full-length version of the dub-step jazz track 'The Universe Is Love', often played live for several tours.

Genre: Dubstep, EDM, Electronic



Skate Night (drink mixes)

Remixes for Skate Night. Created while drinking.

Genre: Electonic



Skate Night (after party mixes)

Cutting edge remixes for Skate Night.

Genre: Electronic Remix



* Downloads are single zip files containing all tracks and artwork in highest quality (mp3 files encoded at high bit rates CBR / jpg images in high quality and resolution).