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Synthetic Chocolate
We Can Be The Ones

The fourth single from Distracted By Reality, featuring Joe Kozlinski on guitar. Alternate versions of the lead single and a remake of an old synthetic chocolate classic, featuring Zane Williams of the Consul.

Genre: Rock

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Synthetic Chocolate
Fan Club Only Christmas EP

Hot off the recording sessions of 'Via Satelite', Synthetic Chocolate hit the studios again to bring their fans a special Christmas surprise - four all-new original Christmas tunes for the holiday season. After releasing this exclusively to their fan club, they were forced to release this special EP to the general public by public demand. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (and send us some figgy puddin' please)!

Genre: Christmas Pop

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Synthetic Chocolate
Transmission Complete (via satelite part two)

Transmission Complete is the companion album to Via Satelite. Much more than just a remix album... All tracks were stripped clean of instrumentation, leaving only JT's vocal tracks intact. Then new instrumentation, arrangements, and mixing was done to each track, sometimes using completely different chord progressions, creating a new perspective to Via Satelite.

Genre: Electropop

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Synthetic Chocolate
Via Satelite

Via Satelite is the duo's first album in almost 10 years and well worth the wait! With lots of great beats, funky synth sounds, and the multi-layered vocals of JT, this album is great for exercising or dancing or just sitting and grooving to. It contains an hour of upbeat electro-pop tunes specifically designed for the active individual, including the hit single 'Regret It.'

Genre: Electropop

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