November 2014  •  Seattle USA

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Genre: Electronic, Techno, House, Ambient

Electronically inspired. Dark and underworldly. At times, downright sinister.
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Synthetic Chocolate
Distracted By Reality (rock and ro...

Episode 1 of the Rock And Roll Time Machine Trilogy. This album plays like a radio show, with songs purposely recorded to sound like the big rock hits of the 1980s and 1990s. JT ... (more)

"Drum Mashine No 41"

From the album: Drum Mashine 1.0

Via Satelite

Via Satelite is the duo's first album in almost 10 years and well worth the wait! With lots of great beats, funky synth sounds, and the multi-layered vocals of JT, this album is great for exercising or dancing or just sitting and grooving to. It contains an hour of upbeat electro-pop tunes specifically designed for the active individual, including the hit single 'Regret It.'

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