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Genre: Pop, Rock, Electronic, and Eclecti...

Producer, Musician (keyboards, drums, guitar, bass, trumpet, vocals), and Artist. Addicted to creating music and art...
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Les Bein Valses

As a pianist, I've always been a huge fan of Chopin. I like everything he wrote, and have always had a particular fondness of the waltzes. I finally decided to write my own serie... (more)


From the album: Shades Of Gray

Organically Grown (second edition)

After listening to the mix of Organically Grown for a couple of months, I decided to go back to the master tapes, re-edit the tracks, and mix each from scratch with the goal of a more polished, commercial sound. Although the original arrangement, instrumentation and performance are mostly intact, the tone and flow of the album feels new and different. So I decided to make it available to those interested in hearing it. Otherwise known as the commercial mix.

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  Devious Gray


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  Dave Flowers

  Synthetic Chocolate

  Spiral Anne

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  The Consul

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