Devious Gray
Liquid Paradox

Dive into the arches of EDM with Liquid Paradox. Featuring the track 'Alpha', with hints of trip hop.

Genre: Electronic

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Synthetic Chocolate
Guiding Light

Featuring a very 1980s sounding track list, this EP includes the instant dance-funk classic, On The Dance Floor. Get ready to boogie like it is 1983!

Genre: Pop

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Synthetic Chocolate
Christmas 42

Just in time for the holidays, this single should bring a bit of Christmas cheer to your stereo!

Genre: Christmas

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Synthetic Chocolate
Distracted By Reality (rock and roll time machine episode 1)

Episode 1 of the Rock And Roll Time Machine Trilogy. This album plays like a radio show, with songs purposely recorded to sound like the big rock hits of the 1980s and 1990s. JT and Supaflower travel back in time to relive history. Stay tuned for Episode 2 and 3...

Genre: Rock

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Synthetic Chocolate
Nonstop (EP1)

This is the long awaited first single from their rock album, Distracted By Reality. Featuring alternate rock mixes and the b-side Love Like An Ocean.

Genre: Rock

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