November 2014  •  Seattle USA

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Genre: Electronic Pop

Electronic pop duo with a craft for melodic and catchy tunes, wrapped in satire and comic overtones.
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Drum Mashine 2.0

This is part two in a continuing series of solo drum machine tracks.


From the album: Shades Of Gray

Les Bein Valses

As a pianist, I've always been a huge fan of Chopin. I like everything he wrote, and have always had a particular fondness of the waltzes. I finally decided to write my own series of piano waltzes. This past year has provided plenty of inspiration - I am hoping to be a father someday soon. Hopefully you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed creating them. These pieces are an expression of my own emotions, struggles, and loves - it would be wonderful if they added something to your life in some small way - maybe the background to wonderful dinner, or the headphone soundtrack to a bus ride to work, or the mood-setter for a romantic prelude... As for the title, I believe the translation is 'The Good Waltzes', but I think it sounds much better in it's native tongue...

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  The Consul

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