February 2016  •  Seattle USA

Synthetic Chocolate
Christmas 42

This is the time for celebration and Synthetic Chocolate has prepared a new Christmas single for their fans! Christmas 42 is a holiday original based on their classic hit, Espresso 42. Enjoy and Merry Christmas! Let us know what you think...

Synthetic Chocolate
Fan Club Only Christmas EP

Four all-new original Christmas tunes for the holiday season. After releasing this exclusively to their fan club, they were forced to release this special EP to the general public by public demand.

"Christmas 42"

From the album: Christmas 42

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Wave contains a very contemporary electronic mix with some of the most commercially accessible tracks that Reinguitarnation have recorded thus far. Employing clever mixing techniques used in the electronic music scene, but rarely used with live instruments, the tracks are fresh but rooted.
Pure Universal Energy

An electronic journey into meaning of the universe... Love. Contains the full-length version of the dub-step track 'The Universe Is Love', often played live for several tours.

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